AP CS Principles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the curriculum self-paced?

Yes, the curriculum we provide is entirely self-paced. There are two parts: the programming part and the theoretical material. The programming can be done in either Hatch! or Python. The theoretical part is made up of readings, vocabulary words, videos, quizzes, and activities. While the college board recommends students have taken a high-school level Algebra class before taking this exam, students with strong math skills will still likely be able to understand the material. If students are confused about any of the material, they can ask questions in the community to be answered by mentors and clarify their misunderstandings.

How is the exam formatted?

The AP CS Principles exam is composed of two parts: 2 performance tasks and a multiple-choice exam. 

Performance Tasks

There is one performance task: the Create Task. The Create task requires students to design and program a project, then respond to some short-answer questions about the program. The curriculum provided will give them a practice for this task which will allow a mentor to give feedback to the student. The practice task CANNOT be used for the actual exam. These are due to be submitted to the College Board by May 20, 2021 at 11:59pm.

Multiple-Choice Exam

The exam consists of 74 multiple-choice questions. Most of the exam has single-answer questions, but some of them at the end are "Choose Two". The theoretical part of the course with all of the readings, videos, quizzes, vocab words, and activities prepare the students for these questions. There is also a practice exam included for students to use in preparation of the actual exam. The exam date for this year is May 17, 2021.

How do I register my student to sit for the exam at a school?

The College Board recommends that students doing AP courses as independent study speak to the school they wish to sit for the exam at by October 4. School districts can set their own rules for accepting students to sit for the exam. This is a soft deadline as the exams need to be ordered by November 15, after which a $40 late fee is required on top of the exam fee. Parents should get in touch with their school district's AP Coordinator by October 4 and definitely before November 15. Some schools prefer the students take the course offered within their district. If your school district denies allowing your kid to sit for the exam at their high school, please get in contact with us so we can help you find appropriate accommodations.

Do you have material for the AP Computer Science A exam?

We are currently working on the AP CS A coursework as there are quite a few changes made to it as of this year. We will update when it is released but it has not been completed yet.